In celebration of over 12 months of top-level party action at Basing House the Oonst Cr£w Residents have hand picked their top 10 tracks of last year.

2012 was a stunning year for music and so many tracks have resonated with us for so many different reasons so it has been a hard and harrowing process having to distil them down to just 10 but we’ve done it and its finally here…..Enjoy

10. Tuff City Kids – Begger [Unterton]


Released on the Ostgut Ton sub-label, Unterton the punchy Chicago style bassline has a melody that flirts with just the right amount of pure evil.

9. Audiojack feat Kevin Knapp – Stay Glued (FCL Weemix) [Gruuv]


Probably the most played tune of the year at Oonst. Audiojack’s driving late night house with a very special FCL twist. Different and raw, the complete switch up towards the end definitely gives the dancefloor some extra poke.

8. Barnt- Geffen [Comeme]


Wrong in so many ways but so right in others. Adam Port played it twice during his 3 hr oonst set in November. Minimal yet entirely maximal the rising / falling single note melody is precociously infectious – oh and then there’s that Sub-Bassline.

7. PBR Streetgang – At Dez [2020 Vision]


Sublimely understated yet devastating when deployed in either a warm up scenario or later on in the night. The cheeky melody and rustic groove combine to create something pretty special.

6. Monkey Safari – Hi Life (Cheeky Bold Cover) [Monaberry]


Goose-bump instigator of the year. Monkey Safari’s warm and endearing take on Hi Life holds more unifying power than NATO.

5. Disclosure – Boiling (Dixon Rework) [Greco-Roman]


State of the art pop music. Dixon’s rhythmic sensibilities make for a wondrous meandering journey of a track.

4. James Welsh – The Way [Join the Dots]


Soulful deep organic house done right. All James’ releases last year have been on point but ‘The Way’ stands out as an emotionally evocative laid back roller that always gets things moving.

3. Solomun – Forever (Teenagers Remix) [Dynamic]


Shimmering summer epicness with a touch of retro flavour. The Teenager’s turn Solomun’s track on its head and create the soundtrack to Miami Vice on high grade pharmaceuticals.

2. Adam Port – Someone to Love [Kienemusik]


Game Changer. Say no more. Would have been No.1 if this hadn’t have come along…

1. Frank Wiedemann & Ry Cuming – Howling (Âme Remix) [Innevrisions]


Simply beautiful. One of our favourite house tracks of all time let alone 2012. In a year that the Innervisions label has taken things to another level this couldn’t have come at a better time. Amazing vocal, haunting synths and Âme perfectly adapting it for the dance floor.



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