Adam Port – pre Oonst (9th November) interview

So as some of you may have heard Oonst will be welcoming the mighty Adam Port to the Oonst wheel house on the 9th November for another serious session at London’s Basing House.


Oonst resident A.T.T.S. put a few questions to the man himself to give us an insight in to the musical happenings of one of the most exciting house pedlars around.

A.T.T.S.) How’s 2012 been treating you?

A.P.) Very good! I’ve had a great year so far with great shows and the chance to  meet a lot of great people.

A.T.T.S.) You’ve been playing all around the world – what has been the highlight for you in terms of cities you’ve played / parties you’ve performed at?

A.P.) The distance is not always the guarantee of a great party but i think Tokyo has left one of the strongest impressions for me until now. The city and the party, both where amazing. Also to play at Love Family Park was a great experience.

A.T.T.S.) How is the scene in Berlin right now? Is there a predominant sound or is it quite fragmented and diverse?

A.P.) The Berlin scene is big compared with other city’s . We have a lot of space for a lot of different styles of electronic music. I can’t say that we have a predominant style here. But of curse there is some trends you notice. For example, a lot of old New Rave djs playing Deep House here at the moment.

A.T.T.S.) How did Keinemusik come about and who’s behind the strong visual aesthetic the label has?

A.P.)  Monica Gentschow is in charge of all of our artwork. She is also a part of Keinemusik.

A.T.T.S.) What can we been looking forward to from Keinemusik over the next few months?

A.P.) We just released David Mayers “Celsius” Ep and it works very well. The next number in our catalogue is still a little bit open. We try not to release too much. 5 releases in a year are enough for us.

A.T.T.S.) What’s coming up release wise from yourself?

A.P.) My Ep for Cabin Fever (Rekids) and my remix for Nick Curly have just come out. But that will be all for 2012. I don’t want to release too much music at once.

A.T.T.S.) Your sound is refreshingly different in amongst a sea of self-imitating house and techno music that’s out there. Production wise, how do you approach your creative process and what’s your set up like?

A.P.) Good to hear this, thank you! I’m trying hard and digging in to other music genres to find other ideas. The working process is my biggest inspiration.

A.T.T.S.) Any tips for aspiring DJ/Producers out there in terms of how to get their music heard by the right people?

A.P.) Work hard, make the sound that you feel is right and hope for some luck.

A.T.T.S.) What type of music do you listen to when you’re travelling around/in your down time?

A.P.) All kinds of music from  Dance hall & Reggae to Rock & Hip-Hop… Everything that is good. But not so much electronic music.

A.T.T.S.) Does your straight-edge lifestyle compliment your career as a touring DJ/Producer? Is it something that’s helped give you focus?

A.P.) I Hope it has! To have a structured day that helps me a lot. I try toget up early,  go to the gym, stuff like that. I feel bad when i sleep longer then 8 hours.

Big love to Adam Port for the words. Head on over to the RA event page here for more details of November’s Oonst party as well as ticket links

Also make sure you check out our latest promo video below and we’ll be bringing some mixes (including a recent one from Adam Port) to the site soon.

OONST w/ ADAM PORT 6TH NOVEMBER @ BASING HOUSE from Roscoe Williamson on Vimeo.

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